The Best Hiring Strategy Is No Match for Poor Brand Management

No one would say that hiring is easy. Unfortunately, corporate leadership often makes it harder than it already is by overlooking one rather significant issue. This could be the very thing preventing your organization from attracting the top candidates you need.  

Ready for some sobering statistics? 

39% of women and 33% of men say market reputation is “very important” when considering a new job. (Gallup)

40% of Millennials say market reputation has the biggest influence on their impression of an employer. (2017 Millennial Hiring Trends Study MRI Network)

Companies with bad reputations pay 10% more per hire. (Harvard Business Review 2016)

50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase. (Betterteam Blog 2017)

Fewer than half (49%) of employees would recommend their employer to a friend. (Glassdoor Data Labs, December 2015)

In a candidate-driven market, corporate ethics matter. People want to work for companies with a greater-good vision and they expect the organization to walk the talk. If you see your staff as partners in the success of the company and create a culture that makes that obvious even to people who aren’t employed there, and your competitor treats employees as a liability and the public like a nuisance, it’s not difficult to guess where a highly-skilled candidate would prefer to spend their day! 

69% of job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand (e.g., responds to reviews, updates profiles, shares info on culture and work environment). (Glassdoor 2016)

Companies with positive brands get twice as many applications as companies with negative brands. (Betterteam Blog 2017)

Organizations that do invest in employer branding are 3x more likely to make a quality hire. (Brandon Hall 2015)

These encouraging statistics show us how valuable investing time and resources into properly managing a brand is. With today’s instant global communication and evolving expectations from candidates, companies can’t afford to neglect brand reputation. 

How is your organization investing in brand management?  

Jessica Van Pelt at the Pegasus Agency expertly combines technical, business, web, and marketing acumen to match great companies with great people. Contact Jessica at (973) 876-3118 or email jvanpelt@thepegasusagencyllc.com to discuss your staffing needs.

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Jessica Van Pelt

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