Troy Larssen Associate Director Development at Sentient, a W2O Company
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knowledgeable, helpful and courteous advocate! I've had the opportunity to work with Jessica for multiple opportunities and have been delighted every time. Jessica understands the landscape well and always provides enough human touch to make it seem less daunting. From the first conversation to the confirmation of employment and beyond, Jessica is a helping hand cheering for your success and guiding you to improve your chances. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new opportunity.
Marla Mejia Customer Service Manager at Ritani
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Jessica and her team truly embody what professional, caring and talented Recruiting professionals should be. Jessica made me feel optimistic in my job search by providing in-depth information on the position that I was going to be interviewing for, gave me an out line of who I was going to be meeting with, provided me specific details about the company and even walked me in before my interview. Unfortunately, I was not offered the position that I interviewed for but what I did gain was a chance to work with Jessica, who gave me the tools I needed to build my skills and which helped me land a job that I now truly enjoy. Thank you, Jessica!
Steve Colavito Talent Acquisition Professional
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Jessica is a detailed oriented Senior Recruiter who works very hard to find the right candidates to meet the needs of her clients. I hired Jessica in 2008 based on her enthusiasm toward a Recruiting role; and through hard work, persistence and a willingness to learn, she grew into our go-to recruiter. I enjoyed working with Jessica and the fact that she was always motivated to compete for the best talent to meet our customer needs. I believe Jessica would be a valuable asset to any organization that is looking for a top notch recruiter who can produce well qualified talent to meet customer expectations.
Kelley Davidson Senior Digital Project Manager at Precision for Value
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I have worked with several recruiters and none of them can even compare to Jessica. During the first conversation we had, she took a lot of time to get to know me and understand my skills and then went over how to improve my resume with such great detail that I knew right away she was a step above the rest. We spoke regularly over the next several weeks as she prepared for an amazing job opportunity. It paid off and I got the job! I have no doubt I got it largely because of the time she took to help make me stand out and build my confidence so I'd nail the interviews. She's a rockstar and I am forever grateful!
Meredith McClanahan Performing research and recruitment for California
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Jessica was hired on to boost our Service Coordinator team to a total of 3. We supported a team of IT/Technical and Finance Recruiters, totaling about 20 employees. Though I did not directly supervise Jessica, I was responsible for helping to train her. I found Jessica to be a quick study - she followed instructions well and caught on to procedures easily. She came up to speed rapidly, which was definitely important to our busy team. Also, Jessica has excellent interpersonal skills, and got along with everyone in our office. She was one of the people I missed most when I decided to leave the company and move to the West Coast. I have no reservations about providing an extremely positive recommendation for Jessica.
Michael Reiner Group Copy Supervisor at BGB Group
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I love working with Jessica. She has found me great assignments and is always on target with her recommendations. She has actually taken the time to get to know me and my background, so she knows what work is appropriate for me and what isn't. This means that I spend more time working for terrific employers and less time interviewing with people for whom I am just not a match. Jessica is always pleasant, cheerful, and a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whenever I am between assignments, she is my first go-to person.

Contract Staffing

Bring in the talent you need to get projects done with temporary contractors. Minimizes the burdens, risks, and expenses of maintaining your own employees while offering the cost savings associated with mitigated internal talent acquisition expenses.

Direct Hire Search

We work closely with you to identify, attract, engage, qualify, interview, and ultimately recommend and deliver the best talent for your mission critical, full-time, hard to fill positions.

Contract to Hire

Convert a contractor to a full-time employee when you are ready and comfortable. A great way to ensure a compatible fit before the full commitment. Bring talent on quickly to keep projects from stalling, observe work ethic and technical skills first hand while checking for long term cultural and team fit before making the hire.

Custom Packages

Customized services are available. We will put together a proposal that makes sense for your unique situation. "Engaged Contingent" and "Retained Exclusive" options in addition to hourly and fee-based consulting services are available.


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