Go Beyond the Traditional Interview to Discover Your Best Candidate

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Do you wonder why you see the same candidates being submitted by multiple recruiting agencies? 

According to LinkedIn, only 18% of professionals are actively seeking new opportunities. 

Fewer than 1 out of 5 are active job seekers. This is why you see the same people over and over. 

Roughly 2/3rds of the candidate population never sees your job posting and ignores traditional recruiting methods. They are so used to being contacted by recruiters, that they’ve blocked it out. 

The talent your organization is looking for lives within that population. 

How do you reach them?  

They’re busy making things happen for their current employers, succeeding and finding sufficient challenge within their roles that they aren’t going to be interested in leaving for just any regular role. 

They need an opportunity to make an impact. They want more challenging work. They won’t tolerate being micro-managed. 

To attract an ‘A’ player like this, they need to see something in you that they aren’t getting with their current employer. They aren’t going to accept your offer just because you made one.  

They expect more out of their employers, and you need to convince them that you can deliver. 

One of the most valuable things your organization can do to appeal to these ‘A’ players is develop a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP). What makes your organization special? Why should highly-skilled people want to work there? 

Most companies say something like – 

“We work hard and play hard”

“We have on-site daycare”

“We have flexible summer hours”

“We have casual Friday”

“We value our employees”


This is not your EVP. 

A strong EVP reflects the current values of your workplace. What do you offer your employees in exchange for their time and effort beyond an average paycheck? What ethics and values are core to how leadership and staff interact? What are the reasons people say make them proud to work for your company? 

If your recruiter isn’t pushing you to craft a compelling EVP, then they likely aren’t pursuing the off-the-market ‘A’ players you really want. 

Jessica Van Pelt at the Pegasus Agency expertly combines technical, business, web, and marketing acumen to match great companies with great people. Contact Jessica at (973) 876-3118 or email jvanpelt@thepegasusagencyllc.com to discuss your staffing needs. 

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Jessica Van Pelt

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