Ghosts are Real. Here Are Six Effective Ways of Dealing With Them.

The candidate who went through three separate interviews then stopped answering the phone.  The new team member who went out for lunch and never returned.   The established employee who just stopped showing up.  Do you feel like ghosting has become the new normal?  This particular metric has never been officially tracked, which means no one […]

The Best Hiring Strategy Is No Match for Poor Brand Management

No one would say that hiring is easy. Unfortunately, corporate leadership often makes it harder than it already is by overlooking one rather significant issue. This could be the very thing preventing your organization from attracting the top candidates you need.   Ready for some sobering statistics?  39% of women and 33% of men say market […]

Go Beyond the Traditional Interview to Discover Your Best Candidate

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Be Concerned If Your Candidate Hesitates At This Suggestion

You know the drill.  You meet with a candidate who by all accounts has the critical hard skills the job requires and the soft skills needed to communicate with the team. You’re looking forward to the impact he will have on the team and he seems to be looking forward to the opportunity.  Your boss […]

People Don’t Quit Good Jobs. They Quit Bad Managers

Are you a marketing manager? You shouldn’t be. You should be a leader. Leaders hire other leaders. Leaders hire other leaders who are so good at what they do, even they find it intimidating. These are the rock stars who will challenge you and stretch your own abilities, helping you and your business grow. As […]