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The Pegasus Agency is a full service talent acquisition and staffing services firm headquartered in Northern NJ with nationwide capabilities. We take pride in our consultative, human approach which translates into treating our candidates and hiring managers with the respect, confidentiality, and sense of urgency they both deserve while delivering a unique experience grounded by our roots in relationship building. We understand that people are the heartbeat of every company, and strive to truly partner with our clients in order to become an extension of them which is required to attract the best talent. We realize we are at the center of a life-changing, people-connecting business and that our professional match-making services and recommendations can significantly affect your company and the lives of the job seekers we represent.

The Pegasus Agency was founded in 2017 by talent acquisition leader and recruiter, Jessica Van Pelt. What started out as a “one woman show” has grown into a team of like-minded people and partnerships, giving us the ability to dedicate attentive resources to our growing base of valued customers.

We are different because we recruit for things we actually know. When you rely on The Pegasus Agency to find your next hire, you are working with honest, passionate, ethical recruiters with real-life tech and digital industry experience. In this saturated, crowded market full of overly confident, fly by night staffing agencies and search firms with questionable sales-pitches, you want to partner with a company that actually understands and cares about the technology and businesses they recruit for…. And that is us. The Pegasus Agency is here to help and ready to guide you through this crazy, sometimes unpredictable, people-business.

Jessica Van Pelt, The Pegasus Agency

About Jessica Van Pelt

Born and raised in Denville, NJ, I am a technology and digital native. I am old enough to remember typing school reports on an old typewriter and the next year connecting via dial up to log on to AOL instant messenger on our family’s first PC. I grew up playing outside, caring for many pets, and have an incredible appreciation for nature and art. Despite this, I’ve always been drawn to science, technology, marketing, psychology, and business.

My father was a loyal, hardworking employee with a 25+ year career at a nationwide transportation and distribution company. I watched him navigate the journey of climbing that ladder. He was always, and still is, my mentor. My mother was an attentive stay at home mom during my younger years, but most notably worked as a veterinary technician. While in high school, I watched her become an entrepreneur, launching her own pet sitting service which became very well-known and successful within our local communities. As a teenager, I took interest in technology and digital art – built my own computer at home, and took elective classes in desktop publishing and web design. Those classes ignited my passion for digital art and introduced me to the world of design using Macromedia products which we all know now as the Adobe Creative Suite.

Hungry to be independent, I started working on nights and weekends during high school. Upon graduation I moved out and studied marketing at our local community college while working full-time. During this time I discovered a passion for PC gaming and all things related to custom-built computers. I co-founded a Call of Duty 2 PC gaming community and taught myself enough about web development to build our website using a CMS called e107. I set up our first MySQL DB, learned some PHP and HTML and pulled many all-nighters indulging in this world.  I landed an office job as an administrative assistant at one of the local big name employment agencies and started learning about the recruiting business. I liked the people I worked with and admired their drive and motivation. Good recruiters are truly a special breed of resilient people.  I also pursued the CompTIA A+ certification and held some contract tech jobs. I moved to Arizona and got a job at Dell’s newest technical support call center before moving into the internal recruiting department at Countrywide Financial out in Arizona (now known as Bank of America). I caught on quickly and within a few short weeks, they had me helping out in an actual recruiting capacity. I had much to learn back then but I was hooked. I realized that technical recruiting was the perfect marriage and use of all my favorite things – people, technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I moved back to NJ and started working as a Technical Recruiter at API Systems and grew tremendously from there. That is how my story begins.

Today, I am married to a passionate man who also comes from the tech space. After years of managing the US technical end user computing and support operations for a global pharmaceutical company, my husband Dave started his own business – VP Security – which specializes in high definition security cameras, video surveillance systems, and IT Solutions. I am surrounded by all things technology, digital, creative, and marketing on a daily basis in many aspects of my life these days. I built his business’ website and handle his marketing efforts. We have a young son named Alexander born in 2016, 2 cats, a home and a boat on Lake Hopatcong, NJ. We enjoy our life here and will be here for a long time to come.

I know a decent amount about a lot of different tech, digital, creative, and marketing topics which makes me a little dangerous if entrusted to professionally run your digital and social marketing campaign (sorry Dave!), but it also makes me and my company, The Pegasus Agency, an awesome recruiting partner because we know enough to recruit and evaluate this type of talent without them rolling their eyes at yet another “lazy keyword matching” recruiter ( because let’s face it. Recruiters generally have a bad reputation around here).

I love talking to talent about what they do and enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of my clients’ businesses, strategic initiatives, and culture. Exiting the comfort of “corporate America” to launch The Pegasus Agency was one of the riskiest yet most rewarding decisions of my life. I love what I do and believe that anyone who has worked with me over the years, or knows me personally, will have no problem testifying to that. I believe that authenticity is at the heart of good business, great recruiting, and the most effective talent-employer match-making, which is why I shared this personal biography with you. If you read this far, thank you and I can’t wait to get to know you, too! Please reach out to connect.

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